The Brothers Vilgalys Spirits Company

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Brothers Vilgalys Spirits was founded in 2011 by Rimas Vilgalys in Durham, North Carolina. We’re going to start out by making Krupnikas, a traditional Lithuanian spiced honey liqueur. It’s made from a selection of the finest spices, North Carolina wildflower honey, and pure neutral grain spirits. The taste of this product is nothing short of divine. It’s strong, sweet, spicy and very smooth and finishes with a gentle warming burn.

Krupnikas is not just another shooter or mixer. This is a drink to be sipped and savored. It’s a drink to be shared with friends and family. It’s not only for special occasions, but it can make any occasion a special one. It will warm your body and soul and bring you close to the ones you love. The Brothers Vilgalys Krupnikas is the true embodiment of a premium spirit.

At this point we are a small start-up and still have a ways to go before you will see our product on shelves. Right now you can help just by getting excited and staying tuned to what we’re up to. You can follow along on our blog or on Facebook. We’ll be offering a libation unlike anything else on the market, and we’re very excited to be embarking on this adventure. We hope you will join us!

3 responses to “The Brothers Vilgalys Spirits Company

  1. Rimas,
    I’m interested in how things progress with this venture. Please keep me informed.


  2. Best of luck. I love Krupnikas. Let me know when you are ready to make an elderberry version.

  3. Count me in. Can you come to my class soon? We just got a still “essential extractor” and it would be great to do a bit of distillation/ ethanol production for class, and also check out what you’re doing.

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